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My Practice
Barries to Success in work or School, School Resistance or Phobie, Anxiety, Relationship Stress, Psychosis or Confusion, Panic Attacks or Disorder, Adjustment to Divorce, LGBT Related Issues, Depression, Obsession and Compulsion, Family Conflicts, Post Traumatic Stress, Social Anxiety, Parenting, Loss and Grief, Adjustment to Divorce, Avoidance, Suicide Prevention, Perfectionism
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Psychotherapy Psychotherapy is a dynamic process of addressing problems, and emotions through changes in behavior and coping. While psychotherapy can alleviate tension or stress, it may also bring about emotional change that can be difficult. The time course and frequency of therapy should be talked about in the beginning with clear goals in mind. Some types of psychotherapy I practice include psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral, supportive, family therapy and in many cases, a combination. I also continue to learn about process work and dialectical behavioral skills training. Family therapy can be an excellent way to improve coping and health of the family and individuals.

If your problem leads to a medication recommendation, I will discuss options first, provide information and allow for some time for consideration. I make recommendations that are based on clinical research, common practices, and respect a balance with non-pharmacologic interventions.

If you are a mental health practitioner, university mental health provider, educator, school counselor, or primary care doctor,
I would be happy to meet with you and consult. Please feel free to contact me to arrange a meeting.